Medhini Narasimhan

I am a first year Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley, where I'm advised by Prof. Trevor Darrell and Prof. Alyosha Efros.

Prior to this, I completed my Master's in Computer Science at the UIUC where I was advised by Prof. Alexander Schwing and Prof. Svetlana Lazebnik. In 2017, I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Information Technoglogy from NITK, India.

I've had the pleasure of interning at:

My research focus is on self-supervised learning from multimodal data and visually guided navigation.

I am a 2019 Snap Research Scholar!

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Out of the Box: Reasoning with Graph Convolution Nets for Factual Visual Question Answering
Medhini Narasimhan, Svetlana Lazebnik, Alexander Schwing
Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 2018
[Paper] [Poster] [Video] [Bib]
Straight to the Facts: Learning Knowledge Base Retrieval for Factual Visual Question Answering
Medhini Narasimhan, Alexander Schwing
European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2018
[Paper] [Poster] [Bib]
Dynamic video anomaly detection and localization using sparse denoising autoencoders
Medhini Narasimhan, Sowmya Kamath
Multimedia Tools and Applications Journal (MTAP), 2017
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EGA-FMC: Enhanced Genetic Algorithm based Fuzzy K-Modes Clustering for Categorical Data
Medhini Narasimhan, Balaji Balasubramanian, Suryansh Kumar, Nagamma Patil
International Journal of Bio-Inspired Computation, 2018
[Paper] [Paper (Drive Link)][Code] [Bib]
Predicting Symptom Severity and Contagiousness of Respiratory Viral Infections (Best Poster Award)
Medhini Narasimhan, Guiseppe Vietri, Arpit Mehta, Farid Rajabli, Vanessa Aguiar-Pulido, Kalai Mathee, Giri Narasimhan
Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB), 2016

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